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Tid og stad: 4. okt. 2021 10:0010:30, Digital examination, Zoom

An Environmental case study of the Inner Drammensfjord: Environmental conditions and microplastic accumulation - Drammensfjorden, Eastern Norway

Tid og stad: 30. sep. 2021 10:1510:45, Digital examination, Zoom

Association of lower crustal pseudotachylytes with mylonites from Nusfjord, Lofoten: A field and microstructural study

Tid og stad: 30. sep. 2021 10:0010:30, Digital examination, Zoom

Tilstand indre Drammensfjord og historisk akkumulasjon av mikroplast i fjordsedimenter

Bildet kan inneholde: yttertøy, arbeidsklær, produkt, hjelm, hanske.
Tid og stad: 29. sep. 2021 16:1517:30, Fysikkbygningen, Kristian Birkelands auditorium or Zoom

Go on exchange to the world's northernmost campus, 78 ° north! As a science student at UiO, you can take courses at the University Center on Svalbard (UNIS) as part of your degree.

Tid: 29. sep. 2021 14:00

Developing a Phase Screen Model to analyse electron density measurements from the ICI-4 Rocket

Tid og stad: 29. sep. 2021 10:0010:30, Meeting room 317, Geology building, University of Oslo

Calibration and evaluation of hydrological models

Tid og stad: 27. sep. 2021 10:00, Auditorium 4, Department of Chemistry

"Effect of Catchment Characteristics on Biodegradability of Dissolved Natural Organic Matter"

Tid og stad: 24. sep. 2021 11:15, Seminarrom 1020


Bayesian Plackett-Luce Models for Describing Consensus in Ranking Data

dagen@ifi 23. september kl 10-14
Tid og stad: 23. sep. 2021, Graduateland (digitalt)

Lurer du på hvordan det er å jobbe som utvikler eller designer? Hvordan en vanlig hverdag ser ut? Eller kanskje om det er mulig å søke en sommerjobb? 

Tid og stad: 22. sep. 2021 10:00, Auditorium 4, Department of Chemistry

"Investigation of CYP activity in liver organoids by establishing a liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry method for measuring drug metabolism"

Tid og stad: 21. sep. 2021 10:0010:30, Meeting room 317, the Geology building, University of Oslo

Sedimentology and reservoir characterization of a shallow-marine to continental transition - a case study for Carbon Capture and Storage purposes

Tid: 20. sep. 2021 16:00

Parameterized Quantum Circuits for Machine Learning

Tid: 20. sep. 2021 13:00

Bayesian Analysis of Nuclear Spectra - Investigating Fully Bayesian Unfolding

Tid: 20. sep. 2021 10:15

Investigation into the Implementation of a Frequency-to-digital Sigma-delta Modulator ADC based on 3D Sequential Integration

Tid og stad: 20. sep. 2021 09:0009:30, Digital examination, Zoom

CO2 sequestration in volcanic margin basalt sequences: A high-resolution reservoir model based on an analog study of the Faroe Islands Basalt Group

Tid: 20. sep. 2021 09:00

Variational Monte Carlo Methods Applied to Bosonic and Fermionic Systems

Tid og stad: 17. sep. 2021 13:0013:30, Digital examination, Zoom

Understanding offshore flood basalt sequences using onshore analogues with application to permanent CO2 storage: Examples from the Faroe Islands

Tid og stad: 15. sep. 2021 10:00, Digitalt via Zoom

"A Correlated Study of FeNiCoMnxAlx - Magnetic, structural, and compositional properties of additive manufactured high-entropy alloy"

Tid: 14. sep. 2021 12:00

Dust position reconstruction using the particle swarm optimization algorithm and string formation in a dusty plasma in microgravity conditions

Tid og stad: 14. sep. 2021 10:15, Digitalt via Zoom

"ZnOxNy as a new material for top cell in

tandem solar cells​"

Tid og stad: 14. sep. 2021 10:0010:30, Meeting room 317, the Geology building, University of Oslo

Environmental changes in the Barents Sea – does the invasive snow crab disturb the sediment and geochemical composition in the Barents Sea?

Tid og stad: 13. sep. 2021 10:0010:30, Digital examination, Zoom

Applied machine learning for rockfall source area prediction and a meteorological trigger analysis in Vestland County

Tid og stad: 10. sep. 2021 13:30, N. H. Abels hus 919


Multi-State Models for Interval-Censored Data with Transition Times from Gamma Processes

Tid: 10. sep. 2021 10:15

Advanced beam shaping for spatially fractionated proton beam therapy

Tid: 10. sep. 2021 09:45

Multi-channel Electrical Impedance Tomography with Field Programmable Gate Array