Safety Data Sheets in Chemical database

Persons using chemicals are responsible for reading the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before they use the chemicals in question. 

Here you will find information on how to find SDSs.  


From the HSE-manual:

  • All chemicals must be registered on ECOonline. 
  • Those who are responsible for providing chemicals for laboratory courses must ensure that the SDS are available to students and kept up to date.
  • Those responsible for the preparation of auditoriums for use must provide SDS for activities that will occur in the auditorium. 
  • Read more in the HSE-manual

Search our own chemical database

The Department of Chemistry uses EcoOnline to store SDS.


How to find a safety data sheet ?

1) Get a direct access to your safety data sheets: (Employees with extended rights (read/write users): Login to EcoOnline


2) The substance index/EcoOnline is available to all staff and students (given a user Read permission); in this case you need to log in WebID; Login to EcoOnline


Remember that you always have access to your safety data sheets directly on your mobile phone.



Links to other reference works.


Our suppliers of chemicals have searchable SDS.

Sigma-Aldrich:  Search for chemical. Click on SDS in the results.

VWR: Search for chemical under "SDS".

Other supplier? Check website of company. Search for SDS.


Search on Google for SDS. Chech that the document is on a reptable website and the it is not too old.

Google: Suggested sarch strings:  "SDS CHEMICAL NAME" or "SDS cas no". 


UiO - Procedure for chemical inventory



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