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Environment Creator Award

For ten years, the LAMU at the Department of Chemistry has awarded the Environmental Creator Award at the annual Christmas Lunch.

The Department of Chemistry shall provide students and staff with a good, challenging and safe environment with responsibility, influence and real development opportunities.

The Department of Chemistry shall have UiO's best working environment and be used as an example to follow.

One of the measures to promote this goal is the creation of a Working Environment Award.


The Environment Creator Award is given to individuals or environments that this year have contributed to an inclusive and developing work environment.

In the assessment of candidates for the award the emphasis will lie on that one or more of the criteria below are met:

  • Makes their colleagues better (personal and / or professional)
  • Role model for others
  • Has taken the initiative for environment shaping activities
  • Inclusive and generous in their daily work - both when it comes to students and staff
  • Builds down barriers between different environments and contributes to better cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Good ambassador for KI (as a workplace) externally
  • Creates a good working environment at KI
  • Contributes to a large extent to KI achieving the goals we have set ourselves

The Working Environment Creator Award is presented at the department's Christmas lunch every year. All employees can nominate candidates for the award. Reasoned proposals for candidates are sent to the HSE adviser. The proposals are assessed by the LAMU, which has the ultimate responsibility for nominating candidates for the award.

Previous winners

Morten Berntsen, 2020
Elina Melteig, 2019
Øystein Foss, 2018
Marita Clausen, 2017
Vidar Blekastad, 2016
Marte Sofie Holmsen, 2015
Gloria Bostick, 2014
Bjørg I. Osvik, 2013
Harald Fjeld, 2012
Mari Alnes, 2010

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