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LAMU - Local work environment group

The LAMU-group has 4-5 meetings every year. In theese meetings the group will develop a strategy for HSE, follow up the local situation regarding HSE and reported injuries, in addition to following up on reports and suggestions from the safety representatives or others.

Representatives from the Department

Einar Uggerud, Head of Department

Line Altern Halvorsen Valbø, Head of Office

Selvea Antoun, HME consultant

(Student coordinator in cases regarding students)


Employee representatives

Behzad Foroughinejad, Head of the safety representatives

Per Olav Kvernberg, Safety representative

Hedda Johannesen, PhD representative



Melika Kashani, student representative (right to vote in cases regarding students)

Ann-Liz Johansen Grønli, area responsible for the lower Blindern region, EA


Student representative

Daniela Bejan 


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