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HSE training

Bachelor students.

Bachelor students who are going to attend laboratory courses, will participate in HSE training given by the MN faculty. It consist of fire-fighting, laboratory safety etc. The students will also get a 45 minutes safety review before the first day of laboratory course.

Master students.

New master students will participate in the HSE module of KJM-MENA 4010 where the students will get information about HSE regulations, the HSE manual of The Department of Chemistry, hazardous waste, gas bottles, radiation and chemistry experiments. In addition, students get training within the research sections/groups specifically for the laboratories and instruments they will use.

Employees and guest researchers

Employees and guest researchers must be familiar with the HSE manual of the Department of Chemistry and participate in the HSE course before starting work in the laboratory. Master's students at UiO who start in a position as a PhD research fellow must repeat the HSE training.
Two main training courses are held every spring and fall:

  • HSE course: two (2) hour sessions where the current safety procedures are reviewed.
  • Fire prevention course: two (2) hour fire prevention course with fire extingusher excercise

People who start their work at the Department of Chemistry outside the semester start, will receive special training by the HSE coordinator. People cannot start working in the laboratory before the safety course is completed.

Please find below the list of mandatory HSE training for employees and guest researchers at the Department of Chemistry.

  • Read and understand the Department's HSE manual
  • Attend the HSE lecture at the Department (spring or fall) or contact the HSE coordinator for training if you arrive in the middle of the semester
  • Fire safety course (offered spring and fall). Employees should take a refresher every 5 years.
  • Online curses:
    • Safe Handling of Chemicals (mandatory for everyone working with chemicals)

    • Gas Safety Course (mandatory for everyone working with gasses) 

    • Chemical registry - EcoOnline (mandatory for everyone working with chemicals)

    • more information about the online course can be found here

  • Local HSE training within the research sections and -groups including laboratory routines, instrument training, and procedures which are not described in the manual.

Additionally, employees and guests should be familiar with "Standard Operation Procedures" (SOP), "Safe Jobb Analysis" (SJA) and "Risk assessments".

Further, it is recommended that all new employees and guest researchers work through the following online courses: 

You do not need to take the test at the end of the courses, but it is recommended that you work through them. If you have any questions, please contact the HSE coordinator at the Department of Chemistry.


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