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Risk assessment, SOP and SJA

SOP and SJA stands for Standard Operation Procedure and Safe Job Analysis, respectively.

A SOP is a written procedure with risk assessment and waste disposal routines. The SJA is generally an integrated part of the SOP. The SJA identifies potential hazards and describes how to minimize the risks. The SJA is part of the risk assessment. 

All scientific and educational use of chemicals, biological agents (bacteria, virus, fungi etc.), physical factors and radiation sources are to be described in an SOP.

SOPs are to be approved by the laboratory room responsible person and a copy is to be sent to the HSE coordinator.

All SOPs should preferably be written in English.


SOP - template (01/2022)

Tools for SOP (01/2022)


If you have any questions about risk assessment, SOP and SJA, contact your supervisor or the HSE coordinator.

Most research sections have SOPs available on their group webpages.