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The Geosciences Subject Committee

The Geosciences Subject Committee / NO: Geofaglig Fagutvalg (GFU) aims to safeguard and promote interests for the students at the Department of Geosciences at The faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciencies, University of Oslo.

Logo: Geosciences Subject Commitee, Department of Geosciences, UiO

What we do:

– The Geosciences Subject Committee shall be a contact between the students and the institute.

– The committee is required to keep up to date what the department, The MN-Faculty and The University of Oslo do regarding the students, and inform the students about matters that concern them.

– The committee represents students in several councils and committees at the Department of Geosciences, and can promote matters on behalf of students when desired.

More about what we do in the Fagutvalget (in Norwegian) ...

Who we are:

List of members of the Geoscientific Subject Committee and positions/tasks, se link below:

Members of the subject committee

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