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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Claus Michael Goul Larsen Larsen, Claus Michael Goul Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marianne Lea Lea, Marianne Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22844931
Picture of Katrine Lekang Lekang, Katrine Senior Lecturer
Picture of Jenny Lund Lund, Jenny Postdoctoral fellow - Section of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Biosciences +47-22856544 Pharmacology, Insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, Obesity, Energy metabolism, PPARdelta
Picture of Ngoc Nguyen Lunde Lunde, Ngoc Nguyen Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Angela Lupattelli Lupattelli, Angela Researcher +47 22 84 55 49 Antidepressants during pregnancy, Pharmacoepidemiology, Adherence
Picture of Karl Egil Malterud Malterud, Karl Egil Professor emeritus + 47 22856563 Pharmacognosy, Medicinal herbs, Antioxidants, Global South
Picture of Liv Mathiesen Mathiesen, Liv Associate Professor +47 22856571
Picture of Abel Mulu Mengeste Mengeste, Abel Mulu Doctoral Research Fellow
Mertes, Verena Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Areli Urtubia Moe Moe, Areli Urtubia Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Espen Molden Molden, Espen Adjunct Professor +47 22856561
Picture of Cecilie Morland Morland, Cecilie Associate Professor +47 22844937 +47 41547945 Brain and nervous system, Parkinson's disease, Physical activity and brain function, Mitocondria
Picture of Nastaran Moussavi Moussavi, Nastaran Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Felicitas Mueck Mueck, Felicitas Stipendiat
Picture of Alma Mulac Mulac, Alma Stipendiat Social Pharmacy, Medication safety, Medication errors, Clinical Pharmacy
Picture of Jannicke Irina Nesman Nesman, Jannicke Irina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Elin Thuy Phuong Ngo Ngo, Elin Thuy Phuong Stipendiat +47 22856596 Social Pharmacy, Pregnancy, e-health
Picture of Hedvig Marie Egeland Nordeng Nordeng, Hedvig Marie Egeland Professor +47 22856604 +4745033984 45033984 Pharmacoepidemiology, Registry-based research, Pharmacovigilance, Pregnancy, Lactation, ERC, Neurotoxicity, Life Science
Picture of Helene Liepelt Nystedt Nystedt, Helene Liepelt Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Dag Erlend Olberg Olberg, Dag Erlend Associate Professor II - Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry +47 41517119
Picture of Emilie Willoch Olstad Olstad, Emilie Willoch PhD Candidate Pharmacoepigenetics, Epigenetics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Epidemiology, Social Pharmacy, Pregnancy
Picture of Nimo Mukhtar Mohamud Osoble Osoble, Nimo Mukhtar Mohamud Stipendiat
Picture of Berit Smestad Paulsen Paulsen, Berit Smestad +47 22856572 Ethnopharmacology, Immune related bioactivity, Pectins, Pharmacy, Bioactive polysaccharides, Medicinal herbs, Natural Products, Pharmacognosy
Picture of Ragnhild Elisabeth Heimtun Paulsen Paulsen, Ragnhild Elisabeth Heimtun Professor +47 22844936 Pharmacology, Neurobiology, Neurotoxicology, Molecular neurobiology, Glutamate toxicity, Transcription factors