Electrical Engineering, Informatics and Technology - Potential master projects

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
MSc projects in signal processing for music and audio 23. nov. 2020
Improving Synthetic Aperture Sonar Images using post processing 30. okt. 2020
Electrically configurable antenna for radar material inspection and imaging 29. okt. 2020
Always-on voltage references for IoT and BLE 29. okt. 2020
Development of a floating probe instrument to measure spacecraft charging 28. okt. 2020
NFC antenna design 27. okt. 2020
VCO-based column-ADCs for CMOS image sensors 26. okt. 2020
A model for pinned photodiodes 26. okt. 2020
Design a low-noise & low-power analogue front end with current-reusing architecture 26. okt. 2020
Softcore HDL processor for implementation on ASIC 26. okt. 2020
Micro-Electrode Array Experiments 26. okt. 2020
'Parasitic' Photo Diodes in Genral Purpose TSMC 180nm CMOS 23. okt. 2020
Bandlimited fractional differential operators 22. okt. 2020
Infrared Imaging at IDEAS 21. okt. 2020
Photon Counting and X-ray Spectroscopy 21. okt. 2020
Testbench System for Image Sensor Characterization 19. okt. 2020
Mixed-signal 3D integrated circuit architectures 19. okt. 2020
Automatic definition of test procedures via constraint-solving 19. okt. 2020
A holistic approach to 3-component beamforming on seismic arrays 15. okt. 2020
Using optical fibers as acoustic and seismic arrays: distributed acoustic sensing 12. sep. 2020
Signal processing / pattern recognition / machine learning for monitoring the state of power cables 9. sep. 2020
Exploring the use of atmospheric infrasound to enhance long-term weather forecasting 9. sep. 2020
Acoustical signal processing and machine learning in non-destructive machinery testing / monitoring 9. sep. 2020
Integrated hybrid coupler for monopulse radar and biomedical sensors applications 1. sep. 2020
MSc Projects in Deep Learning in Cardiovascular Ultrasound with GE Healthcare 20. apr. 2020
Bruk av dyp læring for å kvanifisere sykdomsbyrde ved multippel sklerose 22. okt. 2019
Bruk av dyp læring og MR for diagnostikk av demens 22. okt. 2019
Bildesegmentering av tarmkreftmetastaser i leveren 22. okt. 2019
Diverse oppgaver i bildeanalyse 22. okt. 2019
CMOS jittering time-to-digital converter for biomedical sensors - NIMBO project 11. okt. 2019
3D printed mm-wave multi-function antenna lens 11. okt. 2019
Industry Projects with IDEAS AS 10. okt. 2019
Remote gas leak detection using the M3 multibeam sonar 24. sep. 2019
Automatisk fokusevaluering av syntetisk aperture sonar (SAS) bilder 19. sep. 2019
Improving ultrasound images using post processing 19. sep. 2019
Ultrasound Localization Microscopy (ULM) 19. sep. 2019
An instrument for bioimpedance measurements on biological tissue (generic description) 19. des. 2018
MSc projects in image analysis 18. juli 2014