Participants in Land-ATmosphere Interactions in Cold Environments - LATICE

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Andreas Max Kääb Professor +47 22855812 Remote sensing, Observation technoloies, Geoinformatics, Climate change, Cold regions, Geohazards, Cryosphere, Permafrost, Glaciology, Geomatics
Anders Bryn Associate Professor +47 93039782 Biodiversity, Biogeography, Cultural heritage, Distribution modelling, Ecological climatology, Forest lines, GIS, Landscape ecology, Treelines, Vegetation mapping
Bernd Etzelmüller Professor +47 22857229 +47 90631089 (mob) Glaciology, Cryosphere, Permafrost, Geohazards, Geomorphology, Geomorphometry
Frode Stordal Professor Emeritus +47-22855204 +47-95178917 (mob) Meteorology, Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate-chemistry interactions, Atmosphere-hydrology-vegetation interactions, Climate extremes, Air pollution
Jon Ove Methlie Hagen +47 22854038 Glaciology, Cryosphere, Ice caps, Climate change, NCoE-SVALI
John Faulkner Burkhart Associate Professor +47 22856243 +47-96825011 (mob) Hydrology, Cryosphere, Water resources management, Energy challenges, Uncertainty analyses
Kirstin Krüger Professor +47 22855811 +47 98234664 (mob) Meteorology, Atmosphere Ocean Interactions, Climate-chemistry interactions, Atmospheric Chemistry
Kolbjørn Engeland Associate Professor +47 22856177
Lena Merete Tallaksen Professor +47 22857214 Hydrology, Hydrological modelling, Drought analyses, Hydroclimatology, Climate change
Rune Halvorsen Professor +47 22851629 +47 95477287 (mob) 95477287 Population biology, Ordination, Statistical modelling, Vegetation ecology, Nature types, Bryophytes
Svein-Erik Hamran Professor +47 22842211
Terje Koren Berntsen Professor +47 22858771 Meteorology, Climate-chemistry interactions, Climate Models, Black carbon
Olav Skarpaas Professor +47 99294394 +47 99294394 (mob) +47 99294394 Ecology, Biodiversity, Spatial modelling, Ecological climatology, Population biology, Experimental ecology
Chong-Yu Xu Professor +47 22855825 Hydrology, Hydrological modelling, Climate change
Tor Sverre Lande +47 22852455 +47 95107155 (mob) Nanoelectronics, Analog, Mixed-signal, Impulse radio, UWB, Wireless, Technology, RFID, Radar
Dag T Wisland Professor +47 22852705 +47 91367679 (mob)
Thomas Vikhamar Schuler Professor +47 22855928 Glaciology, Climate change, Glacier hydrology, Cryosphere
Sebastian Westermann Associate Professor +47 22855927
Hui Tang Researcher +47 22844071 Climate, Meteorology, Land-surface
Norbert Pirk Postdoctoral Fellow
Felix Nikolaus Matt +47 22855936 48632486 Snow, Meteorology, Hydrology
Helene Birkelund Erlandsen Student Climate
Peter Horvath Head Engineer 48680586 Ecological climatology, Vegetation modelling, GIS, Treeline
Sara Marie Blichner Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855775 Meteorology
Sven Decker Doctoral Research Fellow
Ane Victoria Vollsnes Researcher +47 22854492 plant physiology, ecology, experimental biology, climate, controlled conditions, phenotypic plasticity, sub-arctic vegetation, tropospheric ozone
John Hulth Head Engineer +47 22855920 41392555
Norbert Pirk Postdoctoral Fellow
Yeliz Yilmaz Postdoctoral Fellow Climate, Hydroclimatology, Regional climate modelling, Land surface modelling, data analysis, Climate extremes
Mika Lanzky Doctoral Research Fellow
Simon Filhol Researcher Glaciology, Cryosphere, Remote sensing
Olga Silantyeva Postdoctoral Fellow
Frans-Jan Parmentier Researcher +47 22855814 Climate change, Carbon Cycle, Arctic ecosystems, Permafrost, Land surface modelling, Snow-Vegetation-Permafrost Interactions
Andrea Popp Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855936
Bikas Chandra Bhattarai Student +47 96671631 Climate change, Aerosols, Hydrology
Kjetil Schanke Aas Researcher +47 22844002 Meteorology
Sven Decker Doctoral Research Fellow
Marius Lambert Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855827 Arctic, Climate, Sea ice, Vegetation modelling, carbon cycle
Lasse Keetz Doctoral Research Fellow +47 462 98 525 (mob)
Irene Brox Nilsen Gjesteforsker +47 22856681 +4792888408 (mob) Hydrology, Hydrological modelling, Climate change

Other participants