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Picture of Yihan Cao Cao, Yihan Forsker Natural selection, Biostatistics, Evolutional biology, Statistical modelling, Mathematics, Corona virus, COVID-19
Picture of Ane Charlotte Christensen Christensen, Ane Charlotte Forsker
Picture of Svenja Christiansen Christiansen, Svenja Stipendiat +47 22854242 Plankton ecology, Mesopelagic, Diel vertical migration behaviour, Biological oceanography, Ecology of mesoscale eddies
Picture of Pierre Chymkowitch Chymkowitch, Pierre Associate Professor
Picture of Rafal Ciosk Ciosk, Rafal Professor +47 22859070
Picture of Lauren Cobb Cobb, Lauren Stipendiat Genomics, Pollinator ecology, Ecotoxicology, Conservation Biology, Macroecology
Cobb, Lauren Stipendiat
Picture of Jonathan Edward Colman Colman, Jonathan Edward Forsker
Picture of Ignacio Cuervo Cuervo, Ignacio Transcription factors, Epigenetics, stem cells
Picture of Angelica Maria Cuevas Pulido Cuevas Pulido, Angelica Maria Forsker
Cuevas Pulido, Angelica Maria Forsker
Dahl, Helge-Andre
Picture of Nils-Jørgen Knudsen Dal Dal, Nils-Jørgen Knudsen Stipendiat
Picture of Erna Davydova Davydova, Erna Forsker +47 22859065
Picture of Dereje Tesfaye Delkaso Delkaso, Dereje Tesfaye
Delsett, Lene Liebe Senior Adviser +47 22851661
Di Luca, Maria Chiara Head Engineer +47 22854495
Picture of Beatriz  Diaz Pauli Diaz Pauli, Beatriz Postdoctoral Fellow - Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis
Picture of Florian Klaus Diekert Diekert, Florian Klaus Forsker Fisheries management
Picture of Florian Klaus Diekert Diekert, Florian Klaus Forsker
Dinh, van Khuong Postdoctoral Fellow +1509339490
Picture of Behailu Etana Disasa Disasa, Behailu Etana PhD Candidate
Picture of Kaixing Dong Dong, Kaixing PhD Candidate
Dong, Kaixing
Picture of Nicolas Dupont Dupont, Nicolas Forsker Environmental changes, Population modelling, Zooplankton ecology, Behavioural modelling, Russia, USA, Statistical modelling