Choosing supervisor and theoretical curriculum

The master program consists of a master thesis and theoretical course work. The thesis will be done independently by the student, but with supervision.

Choosing subjects for the master studies

Each master’s program has relevant and/or mandatory courses that should be included in the theoretical curriculum.
All 4000- and 5000-courses at the department of informatics can be used as a part of the curriculum for the master thesis. At least 30 ects must be from "program structure" in your study program.

  • Long thesis: At least 40 credits should be theoretical curriculum related to the subject of studies, and a maximum of 20 credits could be other/non related content.
  • Short thesis: At least 50 credits should be theoretical curriculum related to the subject of studies, and a maximum of 40 credits could be other/non related content.

The theoretical curriculum will be chosen by the student in collaboration with the supervisor. Some scientific groups might demand that certain courses is added to the master’s degree to be able to write a master thesis within the chosen field of studies. All courses that is to be included in the theoretical curriculum have to be completed the semester prior to the completion of the master thesis. Signing up to courses is done through StudentWeb.



All master students need to have a supervisor employed by the Department of informatics at the University of Oslo (local supervisor).

It is also possible to associate the thesis to external businesses/projects. It is expected that an external supervisor has an education of at least master’s level. Students writing an external master thesis have to, in addition to an external supervisor, also find a supervisor employed at the Department of informatics that in cooperation with the Department Board is responsible for the approval of the study and final thesis. The supervisor employed by the Department of informatics is responsible for the thesis being scientifically responsible completed.

It is primarily the supervisor’s responsibility to make sure it is possible to complete the thesis within the standardized time limits. In cases where it would be difficult to estimate the time needed to complete the thesis in advance, there has to be a plan set up that will result in partial results that can be completed and/or improved if there is still time. Should there be any uncertainties surrounding the scale of the thesis, the Department Board will investigate the estimate. During the execution of the long thesis, you could expect to get approx. 60 hours of counseling (1 hour a week for 20 weeks through 3 semesters).


Approval of the education plan

When you have found a supervisor and a subject for your thesis, you need to fill out the application form for the study plan agreement for the master program. The deadline is December 1st in the first semester of the program.


Changing the study plan


While you are attending the master program, there could be several reasons for changing the theoretical curriculum or the progression of the studies. These kind of changes needs to be approved by the Department Board, and you as the student is responsible for applying for the changes. The deadline for applying for changes is three months prior to the thesis submission deadline. Keep in mind that your supervisor has to approve and sign the application.

Written applications on changes should be handed in at the Department of informatics.

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