Open and completed master projects

Open master projects

This is a list of open master projects in Section 4. If you are interested in a project, please contact the project supervisor given in the left column. 

Supervisor Project description               
K. Karlsen

Cardiac bidomain model with fractional diffusivities (2 master projects) 

U. S. Fjordholm

Stability of the ENO method

U. S. Fjordholm

Numerical methods for nonlocal conservation laws

H. Hoel

Estimation of left-tail rare events

G. Dahl

Combinatorial matrices

Completed master projects

This is a list of master projects supervised by members of Section 4 (Computational Mathematics and Partial Differential Equations) since 2011. The columns show year of graduation, title of the thesis, and supervisor.

Year Title Sup.

Compressed Sensing and Deep Learning - Investigation of stability properties for linear inverse problems

2021 On recent advances in compressed sensing ØR
2021 Finite-volume methods with dense neural networks USF
2011 Interpolatory surface subdivision MF
2013 Boundary conditions for interpolatory subdivison MF
2017 Nonlinear interpolatory curve subdivision schemes MF
2017 Transfinite surface interpolation over irregular n-sided domains MF
2011 Modellering av diffusjon av nevrotransmittere i den ekstracellulære vesken SC
2015 Stability of upwind mixed discretizations of convection diffusion equations SC
2015 Plane Wave Semi-Continuous Galerkin method for the Helmholtz equation SC
2014 Applications of compressed sensing in computational physics ØR
2016 Coherence estimates between Hadamard matrices and Daubechies wavelets ØR
2016 Sparse Matrix Storage Schemes with OpenCL for a Linear System arising from a Discrete Model of Elasticity ØR
2018 Recommender systems analysis by compressed sensing ØR
2018 Iterative Algorithms in Compressive Sensing ØR
2018 Compressed Sensing and the Quadratic Bottleneck Problem: A Combinatorics Approach ØR
2019 Krylovmetodar for strukturerte lineære system ØR
2019 Parseval Reconstruction Networks ØR
2019 Stability of Adaptive Neural Networks for Image Reconstruction ØR
2020 Can everything be learned? Recovery of highly sparse images using deep neural networks ØR
2021 Computational barriers in statistical estimation and reconstruction ØR

Take a look at the wild side

2020 Løyse PDE ved hjelp av nevrale nettverk NHR
2011 Convergence of a Relaxation Scheme for a 2x2 Triangular System of Conservation Laws NHR
  Portfolio optimization with Conditional Value-at-Risk constraints GD
  Risk - reward optimization; illustrated with Conditional Value-at-Risk GD
  Dobbeltstokastiske matriser, Skalering og Rangering GD
  Applications of Directed Algebraic Topology in Optimization Theory GD
  Ranking and Hillside Form
  Numerical Methods for Solving the Fastest Mixing Markov Chain Problem GD
  Trafikktilordning og Optimering GD
  Optimization in l1- norm for Sparse Recovery GD
  Optimale randbetingelser for det diskrete Laplace-problemet GD
  Optimising airside operations of an airport for punctuality and stability GD
  The northern European gas market as a linear programming model GD
  Arrival, departure and surface management of flights by exploiting the network simplex algorithm GD
  The Fastest Mixing Markov Chain GD
  Doubly Stochastic Matrices and the Assignment Problem GD
  On solving the inverse problem of intensity modulated radiation therapy GD
  Numerical methods for the Camassa Holm equation KHK
  Portfolio Optimization in a Jump-Diffusion Market with Durability and Local Substitution: A Penalty Approximation of a Singular Control Problem KHK
  Pricing the American Put Option by the Method of Zhu KHK
  The bidomain equations of cardiac electrophysiology: Homogenization and stochastic forcing KHK
  Partial Differential Equation Models of Active Transport in Neuronal Axons KHK
  Nonlinear Compactness Effects of Scalar Conservation Law KHK
  Analysis of the power penalty method for American options using viscosity solutions KHK
  Pricing Perpetual American Options with Linear Programming KHK
  Convergence of penalty methods for American options. Variational solutions and the compactness method KHK


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