Improved mapping rate in seabed mapping with sonar. 

Committee: Helge Balk and Sverre Holm.

Main supervisor: Roy Edgar Hansen. Co-supervisors: Andreas Austeng, Fabrice Prieur, Alan Hunter (University of Bath/Ifi) and Frank Tichy (Kongsberg Maritime).

We have a vacant Postdoc position with deadline for application 20. February 2018.

Ultrasound imaging for improved segmentation. 

Committee: Eigil Samseth and Sverre Holm.

Main supervisor: Andreas Austeng. Co-supervisor: Anne Solberg.

Visualization and quantification of scar tissue in the myocardium using echocardiography

Committee: Espen Remme and Andreas Austeng

Main supervisor: Eigil Samset. Co-supervisor: Thor Edvardsen

Medical ultrasound imaging using shear wave elastography.

Committee: Bastien Denarie and Fritz Albregtsen

Main supervisor: Sverre Holm. Co-supervisors: Andreas Austeng and Fabrice Prieur

Non-invasive monitoring of intracranial pressure from transcranial acoustic signals

Committee: Geir Andre Ringstad and Andreas Austeng

Main supervisor: Per Kristian Eide. Co-supervisors: Sverre Holm and Fabrice Prieur

Modelling and removal of time-varying sea-surface and overburden effects in multi-component data. 

Committee: Leiv J. Gelius and Fabrice Prieur.

Main supervisor: Walter Söllner (PGS). Co-supervisors: Anthony Day (PGS), Morten W. Pedersen (PGS), Endrias G. Asgedom (PGS), Roy Edgar Hansen, and Andreas Austeng.


Presentation to be given by Sverre Holm at 3rd International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN), 13-15th November, 2012 at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

We have been granted a new project: FORCE - Imaging the Force of Cancer.

Foredrag under Forskningsdagene på  arrangementet "Kvelds[lyd] – Musikk og Teknologi"

En kveld fylt med populærvitenskapelige foredrag om musikkteknologi, samt musikalske smakebiter og live-kode-jam.

Magnus Vallestad, final exam for MSc project "Coregistration and Fusion of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar Data From Multiple Passes".

Sensor: Trygve Sparr, FFI

Internal sensor: Fritz Albregtsen

Supervisors: Roy Edgar Hansen (FFI), Torstein Olsmo Sæbø (FFI), and Andreas Austeng.

CIUS has two vacant positions as PhD research fellows, one in sonar imaging and the other in medical ultrasound imaging.

Application deadline: 19. September, 2016.

An overview of supervisors and some projects in image analysis is found here

An overview of possible MSc-projects in signal and image processing in sonar can be found here.

For the MSc-project on monitoring and identification of soundings from killer whales in Lofoten, please contact Kristian Schumacker, Karl Ugland or Andreas Austeng

For other projects in signal processing, please look here.

CIUS søker PostDoc,  søknadsfrist 26 mai. Arbeidssted UiO.

Vi er blitt et av fakultetets endringsmiljøer noe som betyr finansiering av PhD-stillinger og samarbeid med nye miljøer. Les mer på bloggen til Sverre.

21. november ble det klart at deler av DSB-gruppen er blitt del av Center for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions for healthcare, maritime, and oil & gas industries (CIUS). Dette er et av NFRs fremtidige sentre for forskningsdrevet innovasjon (SFI) for 2015-2023 med senter på NTNU. Les mer på bloggen til Sverre Holm: "God dag på jobben"

Total Pressure Wavefield Computation for Rough Sea-Surfaces

(Vi Menn: Vitenskap 04/2014): Vi lever i en tid der alle kan produsere musikk, og muligheten til å vise den fram har aldri vært større. Går det på akkord med kvaliteten? Professor Sverre Holm snakker om vinyl, CD og strømming.

Bradley Treeby, University College of London 

The accurate simulation of wave propagation in tissue realistic media has many applications in ultrasonics and photoacoustics. In this talk, I will give an overview of the open-source k-Wave Toolbox and it's application to time-domain simulations. The governing equations and numerical methods will be introduced, including the use of spatial fractional derivatives to account for acoustic absorption. Finally, I will discuss applications of the models in photoacoustic image reconstruction and exposimetry for high-intensity focused ultrasound.

Peter Kaczkowski from Verasonics will give a training seminar on our new Vantage ultrasound research scanner.

When I wrote "On the alleged coherence between the global temperature and the sun's movement" I had no idea that this paper would lead to intense discussions on one of the most read climate (-sceptic) blogs and introduced as "Death blow to Barycentrism" with both Scafetta, whom I critize, and myself participating in the discussion.

Neither had I expected it to reach fourth place among the most downloaded papers from the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics.