Ledige masteroppgaver hos Nanoelektronikk (NANO)

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Testbench System for Image Sensor Characterization 19. okt. 2020
Mixed-signal 3D integrated circuit architectures 19. okt. 2020
Automatic definition of test procedures via constraint-solving 19. okt. 2020
CMOS building blocks for energy-efficient miniaturized human presence detection sensors 11. okt. 2019
Industry Projects with IDEAS AS 10. okt. 2019
CMOS jittering time-to-digital converter for biomedical sensors - NIMBO project 9. okt. 2019
Simulation of 3D integrated photo pixel ADC 1. okt. 2019
3D printed mm-wave multi-function antenna lens 17. sep. 2019
Sun position detector for space applications 8. okt. 2018
Visible Light Communication Image Sensor 25. sep. 2017
Design of analog to digital converter (ADC) for CMOS image sensor 24. sep. 2017
Brain Imaging Radar Instrument 3. okt. 2016
Medical Implant Wireless NFC Communication 3. okt. 2016
Medical Implant Wireless MICS Communication 3. okt. 2016
2nd Generation Portable Neural Recorder 3. okt. 2016
Softcore HDL processor for implementation in FPGA and ASIC 2. okt. 2016
Portable Real-Time Radiation-Monitoring Device for Space 28. sep. 2015
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting for Wireless Circuits 14. sep. 2015
Gate-Level radiation tolerance analysis tools 9. sep. 2015
Radiation Tolerant 180nm Flip-flops 9. sep. 2015
Design of Skimming HDR CMOS image sensor 25. aug. 2015
NFC tag control circuit for micro-implant read-out 10. okt. 2014
Alternative use of smartphones as communication terminals 29. aug. 2014
Design of FPGA that emulates digital video output from CMOS image sensor with programmable signal/noise ratio 13. sep. 2013
Design of CMOS image sensor for 3D stereo vision 13. sep. 2013