Pågående og avsluttede masteroppgaver

Tittel Publisert Student(er) Veileder(e)
A biophysical study on the mechanisms of E. coli outer membrane protein folding and small-molecule transport 22. mars 2018
A novel mechanism for development of autoimmunity and B cell can 22. mars 2018
Atg8 proteins in mammalian autophagy; individual roles and mechanisms of action 22. mars 2018
Characterization of novel molecular pathways regulating immune cell migration 3. aug. 2020
Characterization of the intracellular regulation of metalloproteases involved in brain plasticity 22. mars 2018
Classification of breast cancer: Development of non-invasive biomarkers based on DNA methylation 22. mars 2018
Congenital disorders of glycosylation (CDG) – studies of COG deficient cells 22. mars 2018
Databasing Norwegian ethnobotany using citizen science 12. apr. 2018
Developing of a new imaging tool for a single gene locus 6. juli 2020
Discovering methylhistidines in human proteins 6. feb. 2020
Diurnal variation of photosynthesis and stomatal conductance along a latitudinal gradient 13. aug. 2020
Does midpiece length correlate with mitochondrial DNA copy number in the Eurasian Blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)? 2. sep. 2020
Dynamic regulation of autophagy by metabolic circuits in yeast 7. aug. 2020
Effects of pollution on the microbiota in sediment-dwelling organisms 25. mai 2020
Effekter av bakkenært ozon på vegetasjon 24. sep. 2018
Epigenetic regulation in cancer 7. aug. 2020
How is autophagy turned off in a multicellular organism? 7. aug. 2020
How old are these worms? 8. aug. 2018
Identification of clock and memory genes controlling autophagy in response to cyclic environmental nutritional changes in yeast 7. aug. 2020
Identify and assess mechanisms of genomic amplifications of liposarcoma 30. juli 2020
MHC and odour-based mate choice 13. aug. 2020
Master-projects on fish population dynamics 4. feb. 2020
Novel targets in antibiotic development: Understanding the mechanisms of E. coli outer membrane protein folding and small-molecule transport 21. aug. 2018
RNA mediated regulation of reprogramming 15. jan. 2019
Signalling and migration of cancer cells 29. juni 2020
Species differences in sensitivity to pollution 25. mai 2020
Structural biology: Flavin-based enzyme activation in bacteria - finding redox partners 22. mai 2020
  • Anne Kristine Rugtveit,
  • Sondov Åsmundson Braathen Dahlen
Structural biology: Peptide Deformylase as an Antibacterial Drug Target 22. mai 2020
  • Ida Kristin Faye-Schjøll
Structural biology: Structural and functional characterisation of two myoglobins with different functions. 21. apr. 2019
  • Morten Rese
Sustainable foraging and New Nordic Cuisine 12. apr. 2018
The interplay between RNA processing and DNA repair 8. jan. 2019
The molecular basis underlying the loss of intercellular junctions during cancer pathogenesis and its implications for drug resistance 30. juni 2020