Ledige masteroppgaver ved IBV

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Effects of Deoxynivalenol and grain components on the gut and immune system 21. mars 2018
Structural biology of genome guarding: Making sure we never loose a chromosome 13. mars 2018
Hydrogenase as a biocatalyst to generate H2 from solar-driven water splitting 12. mars 2018
Guiding clinical decisions in personalized cancer therapy by assessing cell signaling aberrations 15. feb. 2018
Mammalian expression of cancer markers (industrial collaboration) 14. feb. 2018
Exosomes as new markers in risk stratification of pediatric acute leukemia 23. jan. 2018
Molecular mechanisms of hormone action and stress signaling in health and disease 18. jan. 2018
Akvaporiner: fremtidige mål for behandling av hjernesykdommer? 17. jan. 2018
Primary cilia and signalling pathways in ciliogenesis 12. sep. 2017
in silico toxicokinetics - modelling bioaccumulation 24. aug. 2017
Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Cancer – the role of c-Myb and SUMO 21. aug. 2017
How transcription factors contribute to changes in muscle physiology. 17. aug. 2017
In vivo imaging of phenotype change in muscle. 17. aug. 2017
Cellular Immunology 15. aug. 2017
Influence of Medication in Pregnancy on ‘Jumping genes’ 15. aug. 2017
Gestational diabetes and DNA-methylation 15. aug. 2017
Crystal structure determination of the fungal defense protein CCTX2 15. aug. 2017
Molecular heterogeneity in multifocal prostate cancer 14. aug. 2017
Molecular muscle biology in vivo 14. aug. 2017
Does dietary exposure of environmental hazardous contaminants contribute to development of colorectal cancer? 10. aug. 2017
In silico toxicokinetics 10. aug. 2017
Systems toxicology in Atlantic cod (dCod) 10. aug. 2017
«Reservedelsmennesket» - en toksikologisk utfordring 10. aug. 2017
  • Jan tore Samuelsen,
  • Johan Øvrevik
Identification and characterization of novel E3 ubiquitin ligases involved in cell communication and cancer 10. aug. 2017
Structure function determination of bacteriocins and receptors 9. aug. 2017
Characterization of novel human protein methyltransferases 8. aug. 2017
Secretion of an essential adhesin of a bacterial pathogen 7. aug. 2017
Colicin structural biology and function 7. aug. 2017
A biophysical study on the mechanisms of E. coli outer membrane protein folding and small-molecule transport 7. aug. 2017
Developing drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease 7. aug. 2017
Structural and functional studies of a flavin-based enzyme activation pathway in Lactococcus lactis 7. aug. 2017
Bacterial toxins 7. aug. 2017
Characterization of novel molecular pathways regulating cancer cell migration 7. aug. 2017
Development of DNA methylation biomarkers for early detection of kidney cancer 7. aug. 2017
The molecular and cellular basis of B cell cancers in humans 7. aug. 2017
Mouse models for celiac disease 7. aug. 2017
A novel mechanism for development of autoimmunity and B cell can 7. aug. 2017
Study of FcRn-mediated transport of natural and designed IgG and albumin 7. aug. 2017
Conservation genetics of polypore species in Fennoscandia 7. juli 2017
To which extend forest management practices structure the Forest Air 7. juli 2017
Quantitative proteome analysis of mitochondria during anti-cancer drug-induced apoptosis 22. juni 2017
Transcriptional regulation of hematopoietic development in health and disease 22. juni 2017
Dissecting the molecular basis of severe congenital brain diseases 21. juni 2017
Akustiske studier av Antarktisk krill og deres predatorer 19. juni 2017
Development of novel treatments for drug-resistant Candida infections 15. juni 2017
Identification and characterisation of novel compounds for potential application in the immunotherapeutic treatment of leukaemia 15. juni 2017
Development of novel immune therapy for acute myeloid leukemia -Targeting immune checkpoint blockades and development of CAR-T cell therapy for acute myeloid leukemia 15. juni 2017
Identification of novel therapies for MLL-rearranged leukemia 15. juni 2017
Targeting of FGFR expressing cancer cells and tumor stromal cells by PCI of FGF-saporin 15. mai 2017
PCI-based Targeted therapy for treatment resistant sarcoma 4. apr. 2017
Characterisation of GLMP (glycosylated lysosomal membrane protein) using a gene-trap model lacking this protein. 15. mars 2017
Chronic PAIN – epigenetic changes following intervertebral disc herination 1. mars 2017
Endomembrane signaling in cancer 9. feb. 2017
Hybridisation and extinction in a recent Passer sparrow hybrid zone 31. aug. 2016
Cellular Immunology Project, Section of physiology and cell biology 18. aug. 2016
Atg8 proteins in mammalian autophagy; individual roles and mechanisms of action 16. aug. 2016
Characterization of the intracellular regulation of metalloproteases involved in brain plasticity 16. aug. 2016
Effekter av forurensing på livshistorietrekk i arktiske spretthaler 11. aug. 2016
Studere aktivering av p53R2 etter lavdosebestråling av humane celler med normal ekspresjon av RNR sammenlignet med i celler med abnormt høy ekspresjon av RNR 4. juli 2016
Effekter av forurensing på livshistorietrekk i arktiske spretthaler 30. juni 2016
Characterization of novel molecular pathways regulating cancer cell migration 27. juni 2016
Animal performance under changing climates – investigating the effects of temperature variability 21. juni 2016
Sydney harbour contamination: modelling food web bioaccumulation of dioxins 30. mai 2016
Master projects in the Prydz group 18. mai 2016
The dynamic nature of the Golgi apparatus in biosynthesis and structure 18. mai 2016
Francisella novicida infection of mouse macrophages 9. mai 2016
Gir oljeforurensning genskade hos zooplankton? 2. mai 2016
Immunomodulation and targeted therapies group headed by Mouldy Sioud 25. feb. 2016
Engineered hydrogenase as biocatalysts in solar-based H2 production 25. feb. 2016
Biodiversity and biogeography of the genus Helvella (Ascomycota) in Norway 16. nov. 2015
Developing Inhibitors for Treatment of Inborn, Metabolic Disease 24. sep. 2015
How to down-regulate the oncoprotein ErbB2? 7. sep. 2015
Neural mechanisms of brain function – from molecules to mind 12. aug. 2015
Autoantibodies in Celiac Disease 11. aug. 2015
A high resolution functional imaging and molecular genetic analysis of a peptide and calcium mediated signalling pathway in plants 11. aug. 2015
Is it “not easy being green?”: species delimitation and species trees in a taxonomically critical group of green parasites. 6. aug. 2015
Study of FcRn-mediated transport of natural and designed IgG and albumin 4. aug. 2015
A study of the MHC-II/ invariant chain complex and its interaction partners. 25. juni 2015
Competitive interactions in a coastal cliff community – the geometrical occupation of space 23. feb. 2015
Photobiont diversity and symbiotic specificity in the coastal cliff community 23. feb. 2015
Systematikk og fylogeni hos fiskeparasitter i Oslofjorden - Masteroppgaver knyttet til forskningsprosjektet MonoMyx. 15. sep. 2014
Hvordan påvirkes genomstørrelse og cellestørrelse av temperatur? 15. sep. 2014
Algevegetasjonen i indre Oslofjord 15. sep. 2014
Biodiversitet i ålegrassamfunn 15. sep. 2014
Seasonal occurence of toxic algal species in the Oslofjord 15. sep. 2014
Vertical distribution of protists (including microalgae) 15. sep. 2014
Sesongvariasjon av potensielt giftige alger (feks. dinoflagellater) gjennom året. 15. sep. 2014
Epigenetics and Imprinting in Development and Reproduction 9. sep. 2014
Novel regulators in plant reproductive development 8. sep. 2014
Epigenetics and Imprinting in Development and Reproduction 8. sep. 2014
Expression of the bacterial ectABC gene cluster in chloroplasts 15. aug. 2014
Neural mechanisms of information processing 13. feb. 2014
Investigations of induction of a G1/S checkpoint 4. sep. 2013
A Structural Study of Calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase kinase 2 (CAMKK2) 29. aug. 2013
Molecular genetics, epigenetics and receptor-ligand interactions 28. aug. 2013
Crystal structure of CaMKII kinase in complex with regulatory peptides – structural basis for activation/inhibition of kinase activity 28. aug. 2013
The molecular basis for magnesium transport during virulence 28. aug. 2013
How do you combat bacterial infections at the molecular level 28. aug. 2013