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Ledige masteroppgaver ved Institutt for geofag

Denne listen vil bli oppdatert fra tid til annen på grunn av endringer i tilgjengelige prosjekter. For oppgaver listet under studieretningene, se den foretrukne studieretningen til venstre.

Listen er ikke uttømmende.

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Trends in tropospheric ozone and oxidation capacity – implications for methane concentrations 15. aug. 2018
Fossil earthquakes from Lofoten: Wall rock petrology 8. aug. 2018
Fossil earthquakes from Lofoten: Wall rock petrology 8. aug. 2018
Weathering and carbonation of peridotites in the Samail ophiolite complex, Oman 7. aug. 2018
Oligocene – Miocene palaeoatmospheric CO2 concentrations reconstruction based on stomata frequency analysis of fossil leaf remains 5. juni 2018
Development of a cheap LiDAR platform for glaciological investigations 25. mai 2018
Glacier cave stability and safety 25. mai 2018
Assessing the skill of a numerical model of the circulation in the Oslofjord 7. mars 2018
The stability of the Arctic Ocean boundary current 7. mars 2018
Global satellite observations of oceanic eddies 7. mars 2018
Lagrangian oil spill modelling and parameterizations of wave entrainment and oil film thickness 1. mars 2018
Lagrangian Coherent Structures in the Norwegian Sea 1. mars 2018
Simulation of ocean circulation, tides and sea-ice 1. mars 2018
Stratospheric Reanalysis Intercomparison for the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL) 1. mars 2018
Volcanic impacts on climate and society during the 500-1250 Common Era 1. mars 2018
Analysis of surface radiation trends in the latest generation of global climate models 1. mars 2018
Combined observational and modeling study of cloud phase 1. mars 2018
Reservoir Quality within the The Realgrunnen Subgroup (Fruholmen, Tubåen, Nordmela and Stø formations) in the Barents Sea area in wells – the role of sediment composition, and mechanical and chemical compaction 30. jan. 2018
Effects of climate change on mobilization of base ions and dissolved organic carbon 20. des. 2017
Accumulation of micro plastics in fjord sediments – Vestfjorden and Bekkelaget Basin, inner Oslofjord, Norway 15. des. 2017
Remediation of metal contamination from abandoned mines 13. des. 2017
The presence and leachability of metals from Norwegian waste and waste-handling facilities 13. des. 2017
Development of a Mesozoic digital leaf cuticle image database for palaeoclimate reconstructions 12. des. 2017
Engineering parameters of Draupne shale 27. nov. 2017
The history, mineralogy and genesis of the Spro pegmatite mine, Nesodden 22. nov. 2017
The scandium content of beryllium-bearing minerals and micas from Tørdal pegmatites and its economic implications 22. nov. 2017
The Nd-Hf isotope signature of zircons from Sveconorwegian pegmatites and its implications for pegmatite genesis 22. nov. 2017
Crystal chemistry of the hiortdahlite-group 22. nov. 2017
Dating secondary monazites from Ilímaussaq alkaline complex, South Greenland 22. nov. 2017
Quartz formation temperatures in the Ivigtut cryolite deposit, South Greenland 22. nov. 2017
Characterisation of complex REE-minerals from the Ilímaussaq alkaline complex, South Greenland 22. nov. 2017
Alteration of REE-phosphosilicates from the Ilímaussaq Alkaline Complex, South Greenland 22. nov. 2017
3D modeling of Clinoform geometries and photogrammetric analyses in the Eocene Sobrarbe delta complex 21. nov. 2017
Influence of basement involvement during Jurassic rifting in the North Sea. A 3D seismic investigation coupled with field analogues from western Norway 21. nov. 2017
Discerning the temporal and spatial generation of the Alpha and Beta closures in the Smeaheia prospect by 3D seismic interpretation and cross-section restoration 21. nov. 2017
Palynology of Norian sediments in the Caucasus of Armenia 13. nov. 2017
Identification of large synoptic systems capable of triggering landslide in Northern of Norway 7. nov. 2017
Historisk informasjon i flomanalyser 7. nov. 2017
Statistisk analyse av urbane flommer 7. nov. 2017
Evaluering av meteorologiske data for flomvarsling 7. nov. 2017
Direct statistical downscaling of global circulation model (GCM) outputs to streamflow 7. nov. 2017
High precision geochronology of Silurian bentonites in the Oslo area 3. nov. 2017
Satellite radar image time series for detection of surface changes related to hydrology and geohazards 3. nov. 2017
Determining grain-size distributions from aerial photographs using eCognition 3. nov. 2017
Paleomagnetism of Silurian to Carboniferous magmatic rocks in the Orkney Islands and mainland Scotland 24. okt. 2017
Elverum water works – field observations and reactive transport modelling of the Vyredox in situ water treatment 19. okt. 2017
Quick clay formation: Altering pore-water chemistry in clays subjected to leaching in laboratory columns 17. okt. 2017
Åknes rock-slide: Hydrogeology, water balance and fracture systems as water conduits 10. okt. 2017
The Valdres Group at Ormtjernkampen 21. sep. 2017
Linking geomechanics, fluid flow and seismic wave propagation 21. sep. 2017
Frost weathering regime in steep rock walls in Norway 18. sep. 2017
Analysis of inventory and potential run-out of rock slides from permafrost rock walls 18. sep. 2017
Multicomponent seismic streamer denoising 18. sep. 2017
Source and Receiver Positioning 18. sep. 2017
Neural Network for Seismic denoising 18. sep. 2017
Source rock facies and depositional environment of Cretaceous derived oils from the Mid-Norwegian Shelf 23. mai 2017
Importance of deep structural grain for Mesozoic faulting - the Fingerdjupet to Bjarmland platform region (in 3D and 2D seismic analysis) 23. mai 2017
Late Paleocene-Eocene deposition in the northern Sørvestsnaget Basin in relation to uplift/erosion of the Stappen High, SW Barents Sea 23. mai 2017
Filtering of seismic data using Prony’s method 23. mai 2017
Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Vesterålen margin, offshore northern Norway 23. mai 2017
Crustal structure and development of the Vesterålen/Senja Margin 23. mai 2017
Stress field estimation in the shallow overburden – Methods, analysis and modelling 21. nov. 2016
Origin of volcanic ash in the Siberian Traps lava pile 18. nov. 2016
Understand the volcanic pipe formation from the Siberian Traps Large igneous province 18. nov. 2016
Asphaltene zones affecting reservoir properties & oil production at Johan Sverdrup 17. nov. 2016
Organic carbon, ecological status, and reference conditions associated with aquaculture operations in northern Norwegian fjords 16. nov. 2016
Reservoir Quality within the The Realgrunnen Subgroup (Fruholmen, Tubåen, Nordmela and Stø formations) in the Barents Sea area in wells – the role of sediment composition, and mechanical and chemical compaction 15. nov. 2016
Fracturing and hydrothermal alteration during emplacement of the Fen carbonatite complex 14. nov. 2016
The early sills in the evolution of the Oslo graben 11. nov. 2016
3D seismic imaging and nature of Seaward Dipping Reflections (SDRs) on rifted margins 10. nov. 2016
Dikes and the sub-volcanic plumbing system in the Oslo Rift 10. nov. 2016
Origin and tectonic significance of a mixed meta-peridotite and meta-sedimentary complex between the Jotun nappe and the Western Gneiss Complex near Sogndal, Western Norway 10. nov. 2016
Sediment petrography and reservoir characterization of volcaniclastic North Sea reservoirs 9. nov. 2016
Cyclostratigraphy in the Ordovician of the Oslo Region 8. nov. 2016
Local growth rate in ammonoid septa – ontogenetic and phylogenetic consequences 8. nov. 2016
Hydrostatics and ontogeny in endoceratids 8. nov. 2016
Faunal invasion in the Late Ordovician, Oslo Region: test of the ’competitive displacement’ hypothesis 8. nov. 2016
Paleoecology in the Braksøya Formation, Silurian, Oslo Region 8. nov. 2016
Photo-geological mapping of volcanic activity on terrestrial planets 8. nov. 2016
Photo-geological mapping of water and ice related landforms 8. nov. 2016
Remote sensing of cold regions 7. nov. 2016
Retrieving the photo-archive to reconstruct Svalbard in 1936 7. nov. 2016
Chasing shadows; to investigate global glaciers on the run 7. nov. 2016
Evaluation and validation of distributed permafrost models in Norway 7. nov. 2016
Satellite remote sensing of glacier flow instabilities (glacier surges) 7. nov. 2016
Structure-from-Motion: Highest-resolution digital elevation models and deformation fields 7. nov. 2016
Relict rock glaciers and paleoclimate, Norway and Iceland 7. nov. 2016
Glacier Terrain Parameterization 7. nov. 2016
Elastic response on present day ice variations in Svalbard from GNSS 7. nov. 2016
Glacier Calving – Seismology and Remote Sensing 7. nov. 2016
Environmental factors controlling ground temperatures in permafrost ground around Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard 7. nov. 2016
Palsa mires in Finnmark – measuring and modeling the thermal regime of the ground 7. nov. 2016
Spectral Characterization of Cryospheric Surfaces based on UAS Flight Data 7. nov. 2016
Unmanned Aerial Systems for Catchment Snowpack Mapping 7. nov. 2016
Remote Water Source Characterization for Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Himalayan (HKKH) Mountain System 7. nov. 2016
Simulation of Svalbard glacier mass balance 7. nov. 2016
Wind and snow distribution at Finse 7. nov. 2016
Influence of weather types on energy- and mass balance of Svalbard glaciers 7. nov. 2016
Evaporation 7. nov. 2016
Spatio-temporal correlations in major hydrological drought in Europe 7. nov. 2016